Monday Monthly Mop-up


Welcome to Monday Monthly Mop-up where we take a quick moment to look back on the last month’s highlights and give you a sneak peek into what is to come.

February Highlights

  • Sy & Silent Jei broke 150 followers
  • Most Popular Post: Dusting off the Manuscript
  • Most Popular Tweet: He wrapped himself in the anonymity of the shadows that filled the alley, ruined shotgun tucked under his jacket once again. #fri1st #WIP

Over the past month, 12 blog posts have been made

  1. Dusting off the Manuscript. The story of deciding to start work on our novel again.
  2. To My Fellow Writers.  A call to the Writing Community.
  3. Sunday Side Quest #3 – Sy attempts to cook for her newly acquired mother in law.
  4. Reading Becomes Us – Our story of how reading inspired us to be writers.
  5. It’s Show or Tell Time – The importance of showing and not telling your stories.
  6. Sunday Side Quest #4 – Valentine’s Day themed story.
  7. Taming the Chaos of Our Writing – Finding our writing schedule.
  8. My Five Writing Tips (#1) – A monthly collection from Sy & Jei.
  9. Sunday Side Quest #5 – Story about the importance of laughter.
  10. To Outline or Not to Outline – Merging our writing methods for outlining.
  11. All Natural Love – How to write realistic character relationships.
  12. Sunday Side Quest #6 – Influences on musical tastes for Sy.

To Our Readers

  • Our posting schedule has been posted here.
  • Change of the website format has allowed for new features such as category drop down, post preview and flagged recent posts. Feedback is always welcome.
  • We are looking for books to review. While we have a backlog of books to read, we’d love to read fellow writers books and start doing a weekly or bi-weekly review. Hit us up through our contact form here.

Next Month

We hope to touch on topics such as character deaths, villains, genre tropes, and the creative curse. If you have a topic you’d like to see discussed or a revisit/expansion on a previous post please hit us up either in the comments below or through the contact form here.

Thank you to…

A big thank you to all of those that subscribe to this blog. Also, a thank you to those that participate in and support us on twitter. Another thank you to the Edit-Genie for helping me become more comfortable with the technical side of my writing for this blog and to our main lady Lily for all her help, insight and advice on both the blog and our novel. This month has been a blast!

February Friends

Below are five great writers/supporters and links to their blog/website. Please check them out! Show some love.

Susan Fobes –  A fellow writer and blogger. She offers some great advice and some great stories as well. Check her out here.

Guy Ricketts – An avid writer & reader who can pump out some great one liners on twitter and take some pretty beautiful pictures. Check his photography out here!

K. Kibbee – A published YA author of the books Forests of the Fae: Devlin’s Door & The Raven Queen (Book 2 of Forest of the Fae). Be sure to check her out here!

John Cordial – A fantasy noir writer and blogger, John has a talent for the noir fairy tales. Check out his writing and blog.

Emily Hodgson – Another fellow writer who is near ready to publish their first novel. Check out her twitter and website!




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