Sunday Side Quest (#6)

Picture by Jesse Kruger

Music has magical properties. It can haunt your mind, pierce your heart and buzz in your ear for days. All of this because of the combination of words and melody. My week has been filled with a plethora of different songs, artists and genres in my ears. It is this sing-a-long marathon that has inspired today’s side quest.

As I was thinking over who or what influenced my taste in music, I realized that they came from three different sources: my mother, father and brother. Their varied preferences and the memories made while listening together is one of the reasons why my playlist is so eclectic.

It was not uncommon in my youth for my morning to start with a wake-up call by the crooners or classical singers belting out their greatest hits. My mother, ever a woman to appreciate the beautiful vocals of old and new, would put on her favorite record or CD and let the music flow throughout the house. Though not every kid appreciates being woken up before noon, the happiness I felt when I would make my way downstairs and see my mom bopping along and singing the tunes stays with me to this day.

My father’s influence came from his voice. Let me tell you, that man can sing. While I wasn’t the keenest in my youth about my father’s playlist, I still found myself captivated by his deep, melodic voice whenever he would belt out a song. His knack for the theatrical also took that voice to the local stage, and I was lucky enough to see how he could turn a melody into a story. I can still remember the way my heart would swell anytime I watched him perform. It was an experience like no other.

Alongside my parents’ influence, I found another source of joy and inspiration in my older brother. I can still recall sneaking into his room to shuffle through his collection of CDs and thumb through the little pamphlets that held poetry-like lyrics set to a rocking beat. I was absolutely enthralled. On top of that, his own appreciation for music became a game whenever he and I would take road trips together. I can still remember the elation I would get from attempting to guess the band and song from the limited 15-second snippet he’d let play. This little game passed the time as we traveled, and so many times I found myself sad that we had reached our destination.

All of the memories and music that I’ve enjoyed has helped create my deep appreciation for the art of song. I will continue to listen to a wide variety of genres and find joy in discovering a new artist or melody. I can only hope that with each song I share with others, it will give them a chance to enjoy the magic of music as well.

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