Sunday Side Quest (#5)

Laughing Out Loud

Laughter is contagious. When someone begins to roar in laughter near you, the instinct to smile or join in is natural. Immediately you want in on the joke. You want to participate in that momentary joy.

This weekend Jei and I made our way to the movie theater to watch John Wick 2. The action-packed flick is one we’ve been looking forward to and we weren’t disappointed. While I could go on and on about the great fight scenes, perfect one-liners and my crush on Keanu Reeves, the story I want to tell today is about what happened in the theater.


Now, for you to understand the interaction, you should know that I have a very boisterous belly laugh. It’s usually loud and very distinct. It is far from the cute, little, shy giggles that flirtatious teens pull off. During the movie, choice moments would just tickle me pink. Those great exchanges between characters, awesome action and even some hilarious antics or choice ways of eliminating enemies had me laughing at it all.

To my right and a few seats down from us, a woman sat at the end of the row. With the seats between us being empty, I had a clear view of her head turning towards us each time I let out a laugh. I will admit that when I first noticed it, the feeling of self-consciousness attempted to take hold. It called to memory all of the unkind jabs or well-intended admonishments concerning my laughter. I was a little put out.

Determined not to let it ruin my movie-going experience, I finally turned my head to look directly at the woman after one of my bouts of laughter. Instead of a look of disgust that my peripheral vision had imagined being there, I found the woman joining in my laughter a beat or two after I did. Apparently, I was infectious.

With my worries put to rest, I began to think over the ridiculousness of it all. How many times had people made fun of or made mention of my laugh in the past? How often had I simply stopped myself from laughing to conform to some kind of social normality? And why, in all that was holy, did I care? Of course, that thought made me laugh again. Laughter was something I lived for, I thrived off of and I utterly enjoyed sharing. Come to think of it, one of the reasons I fell in love with Jei was because of the way he could make me laugh.

No matter if people laugh at me or with me, I have no intention of stopping my happy-go-lucky giggle of a life anytime soon. Life is just too short not to enjoy a good laugh.


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