Sy & Jei’s Five Writing Tips (#1)


Picture by Andy Maguire


After receiving a request to outline some of the current writing tips I apply to my everyday process, I have gathered up five to share with you today. Some of these tips and tricks I may take the time to expand on or go over on individual posts. For now, this is the simple outline of five useful tips that help me during my writing process.


#1. Write it and walk away. Probably my most quoted saying whenever people ask about my methodology. Put down the idea you have on paper and walk away for a while. Coming back some time later will give you a fresh perspective.


#2. Challenge your writing with critical viewers. Though it has taken some time and some careful consideration on my part, I have come to appreciate the different types of reviews I get from those that are critical or have a different perspective when it comes to the genre or subject matter. While I may not always agree with all of their critique’s it still helps me consider my writing differently.


#3. Try multiple perspectives. Multiple times when I am stuck on a scene in one of my stories I have stopped and head hopped to another character. Swapping perspectives to another character or bystander really helps me gain new insight into my writing.


#4. Don’t hold on too tight. The delete button is not your enemy. Instead, see it as something that will push you to improve on the second pass. It’s hard, but I tell myself on multiple occasions when I realize a section either doesn’t fit that if I truly want that section back? I can write it again, better.


#5. Multiple drafts are okay. While I know it was a common for me in the past to become discouraged when my first draft was a wreck, I have come to appreciate the need for more drafts. Each draft improves and refines my writing and does not make me less of a writer for having them.


What kind of tips or tricks do you employ? Do you use any of the above? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Sy & Jei’s Five Writing Tips (#1)

  1. Great tips! I’m working on #1. I obsess quite a bit but walking away is always fruitful. #2 is one of my favorites. I love giving my writing to people who are far stronger writers than I so that I am pushed beyond where I am. It’s the only way to get better. #3-5: yup, yup, yup. You nail it here succinctly. I hope LOTS of writers will read this and take it to heart!


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