To My Fellow Writers

Photo by Indigo Skies Photography


Painstaking hours of blood, sweat and tears.

To those who have found their passion in creating a tapestry of colors, characters and story, this journey of hardship is incredibly real. From our heart to the stroke of a pen or the tap of a keyboard, we spill our lifeblood into our creations. The desire to protect it, to coddle it and to grow it like a child from infancy is not an unfamiliar draw.

You are not alone.

Beside you stands a multitude of other writers seeking to reach that same far-off star of success. In our moments of weakness, it is tempting to see the other outstretched hands as competition for that same starlight. We must see beyond ourselves and not push those hands away. It is imperative that we join the colorful weave of writers striving to improve. See those hands as an invitation.

Other writers are your allies.

Our peers understand the joy of creating, the heartache of editing and the frustration of feeling lost. They are sources of experience and support. These writers are also our audience. Those that create are inspired by other creations. Think for a moment on the authors we admire, the works we enjoy and the drive it gives us to push forward.

We keep the art alive.

With each publication, improvement or exchange, we expand the horizons of the written art we call literature. We are all part of the same movement. While we may ache as we watch another succeed, we should see it as a win for us all. It is a sign that our community is alive and well with dreams coming true.

Our contributions make a difference.

Review your peers. Leave feedback to help others along. Join the local community and support the online momentum of aspiring authors. Read. Embrace constructive criticism. Give encouragement to those climbing the mountain of apprehension, self-consciousness and growth. Be both the storyteller and the audience. Never forget where you started or how you got there. And most of all: Never stop learning.

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