Sunday Side Quest (#2)


After waking up to a very cuddly calico cat determined to keep me under the covers and sleeping in on a lazy day, I was inspired to write my next Sunday Side Quest. Pets!

I absolutely adore animals. I can appreciate nearly any pet-like creature, though I tend to lean toward a more traditional habit of keeping a cat or dog. It’s probably the fuzziness and the ability to snuggle with them that is the most appealing to me.

Growing up, my experience was limited to small dogs with little yips or adorable, snarly under-bites. I loved how they seemed to have this attitude of thinking they were four times bigger than they really were! My experience with cats was limited due to my parents’ allergic reaction to the purr machines. I did not have the pleasure of kitty cuddles until adulthood.

Between me and Jei, we have owned eight cats and nine dogs through our childhood until now. We have a lot of funny stories, silly experiences and “tails” of lessons learned about them all.  But today I want to share with you a couple of hilarious moments that happened to the both of us.


The Evil Little Sausage

Once upon a time, there was a cute little mutt of a dog.

That evil little sausage couldn’t have been over 15 pounds and looked like a mixture of a pug, Pekinese and maybe a chow.  Deep down, the pug mix really was a sweet dog, but due to the horrible upbringing by his previous owner, he was prone to anxiety-induced growling and snapping when caught off guard. Of course, this led Jei to lovingly nickname the pup “Evil Little Sausage.”

One winter when Jei was visiting his parents, the full house had him sleeping on a blow-up mattress in the living room. In the middle of the night, Jei’s warmth and the allure of fluffy blankets drew the waddling little monster to come out and curl up right against him. Midway through the night, Jei woke to make a routine pit stop only to feel the shift of the scary pooch at his back. For painstaking minutes that seemed like hours, Jei weighed the risk versus reward of getting up. Finally, his bodily functions won out, and with a swift jump from the bed, Jei sprung free of the now growling, barking and snapping little monster. Suffice it to say, he let the dog have the bed for the rest of the visit.



The Endless Agony of “Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!”

In the far-off land of road trips and impatient kittens, Jei and Sy found themselves heroically enduring the torture of “Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!”

A year ago, Jei and I took the risk of a cross-country move. It was a twenty-hour commute with a packed car, an ornery cat and enough snack wrappers to use for spare clothes. One of the most memorable (torturous) things of the trip happened about five hours in.  Some of our belongings had shifted in the car when we made our first pit stop to check on the cat, take her for a walk (yes, the image was as funny as it sounds) and pack her back up for the next leg of the journey. Jei was the first to notice the distinct, repetitive sound.  One of the cat’s toys had somehow fallen out of its container and was now tweeting an annoying bird song along every bump of the road!

Multiple stops and attempts to retrieve it granted us no peace as the small, inch-tall, motion-activated bird was tucked somewhere out of reach and out of sight. Even when we stopped for the night and attempted to unpack a portion of the car to free us of the insistent sound, it was nowhere to be found. Dreading the next eight hours of the trip, we tried to put it out of our minds and endure. Soon it became a fun topic of discussion. We came up with multiple ways we could sacrifice the little toy: run it over until it was flat, put it atop a pyre to send out to sea and our favorite was tying it to some fireworks to light up the sky and relish in its dying “Tweeeeeeeeet!”

When we finally arrived at our new home, Jei went on a hunt to find the toy. It took unpacking the whole car before the little blue monster of a bird was spotted and pulled out from beneath the driver’s seat. Dropping the toy in the living room, we went about unpacking only to suddenly hear the faithful “Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!” again. We collectively groaned –the bird would live another day.



What kind of stories of wonderful or crazy pets do you have? We’d love to read them in the comments!


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  1. Love it!

    On Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 12:08 PM, Sy & Silent Jei’s Writing Adventures wrote:

    > Sy posted: ” After waking up to a very cuddly calico cat determined to > keep me under the covers and sleeping in on a lazy day, I was inspired to > write my next Sunday Side Quest. Pets! I absolutely adore animals. I can > appreciate nearly any pet-like creature, thoug” >

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