How Writing Connects Us

Picture yourself in an age without computers. I know it’s hard, but imagine it for a brief moment. Imagine that your only way of communication is through written or verbal exchange. Your circle of friends would be smaller and your views would probably be different depending on what was passed on, right? But no matter what information, gossip or even political agendas you would hear, there would still be storytellers.

Storytellers held communities together, carried hope along with ideas to the younger generation, sparked interest in the beyond and added to the imagination that has shaped our current world. Ideas turned into stories, stories turned into action, action turned into reality and progress was made. Every piece of our society is held together by this fabric woven between us, no matter our language or heritage.

It is this storytelling, this imagination and this desire to create something new that brought me from the humble beginnings of a confused child to the passionate person I am today. One of the most significantly influential moments in my creative journey would have to be the first time when I saw my older brother playing a role-playing game on the PlayStation gaming console. I would sit for hours upon hours watching him guide the cubed images from level to level while reading and understanding the plot that was slowly unfolding with each gained quest or achievement. While this served as the beginning of my passion for gaming, it is also what primed my mind to journey further into the art of creative writing.

This first spark of curiosity led me down the road of imagination in a way I had never fathomed. My initial exposure to this world had been narrowed by my age, inexperience and upbringing to only particularly acceptable creative ideas. But here was this brand new fantastical world of creatures, concepts and stories yet to be discovered. The library and the internet became my new tools for the archaeological dig I had before me.

I went from massive multiplayer online games and its interactive role play to forum writing, then to collaboration and then to interactions with a thriving online writing community I had no idea existed. Like with all things, it was both good and bad. But the experiences I had and the friends I made began to shape me as a person. Their influence, their ideas, their writing– all of it–gave me the motivation to continue.

Years passed, and as I drifted in and out of the virtual and physical world, my writing went from long-winded sentences littered with spelling mistakes to a more precise, cognizant collection of creative prose. I found myself within the swirl of these creative works. And along with them, I found Jei.

Now Jei and I were both passionate people drenched in a history of the good, the bad and the ugly of writing partners, gaming buddies and overall internet failures or successes. We became fast friends, engrossed in the imaginative world that we had met in together. This interest–the need to create–brought us closer. We would spend hours upon hours talking about writing, writing about writing, exchanging tidbits and expressing ideas from the simple to fantastic.

Our fast friendship carried beyond the virtual interface and into the real world. We had found a kinship that we could not deny. Was it perfect? No. But it was the imperfections and the quirky bits and bobs of our personalities that took us from a life of simply exchanging the written word to exchanging vows. In other words, the power of creativity, the love of literature, the passion of writing and the connection that it brings brought two people from across the continent together to start a life.

From idea to story to action to reality.

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