Month: January 2017

Nearly every child goes through the phase of having an imaginary friend. I’m sure it came as no surprise to your parents when you started babbling about the purple, spotted puppy that always drank your imaginary tea or the crazy stories of flying with a pink elephant that could cry candy (“Inside Out,” anyone?) As […]

After waking up to a very cuddly calico cat determined to keep me under the covers and sleeping in on a lazy day, I was inspired to write my next Sunday Side Quest. Pets! I absolutely adore animals. I can appreciate nearly any pet-like creature, though I tend to lean toward a more traditional habit […]

The following post is inspired by my own experience with my editor and a wonderful post that I ran into on Twitter the other day called 4 Truths That Will Change Your Perspective on the Writer/Editor Relationship by Jessica Strawser. Please go check it out!  Red ink. Editing. Revision. All of these terms have struck anxiety […]

Before we dive in, I’d like to say that as writers, both Jei and I understand there is no single method to defeat the ugly monster known as writer’s block. By no stretch of the imagination is this post meant to be a cure-all for that frustration. Instead, we hope you will gain some inspiration […]

So your good friend just handed you a manuscript of their first book. They look at you with those hopeful eyes filled with excitement as they practically shake with anticipation in lieu of your feedback. Dread settles into the pit of your stomach as you take it and return the smile. What if it’s bad? […]

Welcome to the first of many Sunday Side Quests! This is where the random tangents or off-topic discussions, articles, pictures and just plain tidbits of information will be sprinkled across the blog from me and Jei.   The Internet Boogeyman Both Jei and I grew up at the beginning of the blossoming age of the […]

Sometimes those of us who have been gifted with the beautifully written literature of our favorite authors cannot fathom the amount of hard work, sacrifice and loss of sanity that goes into what we read. Take a second and think about your favorite piece of literature. Imagine for a moment the environment of the main […]