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We are apparently a glutton for punishment. Here we are again, not even a year from our last major move and we have decided to take on another relocation. We’re absolutely bonkers. We picked up the keys on Thursday and as of yesterday, we had all of our furniture in our new home. What kind […]

    There is a formula when it comes to the landscape of a relationship. Though it has changed over the ages the combination stays the same. Interest, courting, and if all goes well a final commitment. But what really happens after the happily ever after has scrolled by and the couple has to face […]

I had always pegged myself as a natural creative writer. My imagination was always running wild and my ability to daydream was a talent. I loved the idea of fantastical worlds, lovely characters, and a good story to get lost in. Recently I had that image of myself shattered. As the years have passed and […]

So, I absolutely love telling silly stories that have happened to me. Recently one of the most hilarious things turned into an unlikely friendship. Picture this if you will. Sitting in a café and across from you are a girl and a boy sitting and talking. You make note of them but you don’t really […]

365 Days 107 Blog Posts 12 Months …and a lot of ups and downs. That is the story of Sy & Jei’s Writing Adventures. It has been a fun ride and thus far I have had a love hate relationship with maintaining this blog through the year. There were multiple points and time when I […]

Revising has got to be one of the most humbling experiences you ever go through as a writer. It causes you to relive some of the roller coaster emotions you experienced while writing the draft. Not to mention a new bevy of feelings that come from rereading your own work. It is not an easy process […]

I’ve mentioned before my obsession with notebooks. I have a stack of both blank and filled in my possession. While I love keeping notes, that does not necessarily mean that my method has or is always is the best way to keep my life organized. I have tried a few things. From using a Franklin […]